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Why TeachVR?

Become a TeachVR member and be part of the future of education. All means to use Virtual Reality in the classroom. A comprehensive manual, beautiful example lessons and a helpful community.

Deepen your lessons, involve students, bring education on a whole new level and let students discover Virtual Reality. Prepare them for a world where Virtual Reality is just as normal as a smartphone.

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What do you get when you become a member?

Make use of this temporary offer now. Get unlimited access for six months for the whole school.

  • Six months unlimited access
  • Unlimited users per school
  • Access to the community, workshops and events
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How does TeachVR works?

Everything to use simple and classic Virtual Reality.

Within an hour your first VR lesson for the whole class!


Followed by the curriculum and findable on subject, year and learning goal.


Make your own 360 VR lesson. Upload your own or choose out of thousand other lessons.


Share your VR lesson with school and others. Make an infinite virtual library together.


Present your lesson simultaneously to the whole class with our mobile application and education tools.

What are the costs for TeachVR?

TeachVR costs €2 pound per student, per year.

Calculation is based on nr’s of student

Undermentioned a calculation based on the average amount of students.

Primary school

250 euro

Secondary school

2500 euro

Tertiary school

5000 euro


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