10 Reasons to use virtual reality at school

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is becoming increasingly popular, especially among the youth. Most children have at least one cardboard smartphone holder at home, and they all play with Pokémon GO and the Albert Heijn apps.

Maria Galanis and Andrea Trudeau have drawn up a top ten list of reasons why VR and AR belong in the classroom. Sylvia Duckworth made a nice drawing of it. In this article a free translation of this list follows:

  1. Travel to, and explore places around the world without leaving the classroom.
  2. Develop empathy for communities with problems by following in their footsteps.
  3. Experience different careers yourself.
  4. Explore the depths of the ocean and the size of the universe.
  5. Take a time trip to important moments and places in the past.
  6. Discover the human body inside.
  7. Let students share each other’s world by creating personal VR content.
  8. Discover how VR can be applied in other industries such as the medical sector, engineering, entertainment and construction companies.
  9. Discover how VR can be integrated into every subject and lesson program.
  10. Awaken curiosity and surprise.

Custom VR teaching
This list could be much longer, on this website many examples of Virtual Reality have been reviewed within teaching Although there is no mention of age in this list, the applications and implementation will differ per age category. Especially since young children have more difficulty separating virtual reality from physical reality.

Teachers become students
Teachers must be properly informed by experts in the field of VR, AR and MR technology so that they do not fall behind. Children pick up this kind of new technology quickly, and within teaching a solid foundation must be laid to properly address students, transfer knowledge and place information in context. And that will be a big challenge for teachers in the coming years. Practice well with the Teach VR app.

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