Added value of VR teaching

New developments in teaching always follow each other at a rapid pace. Virtual reality (VR) is also increasingly becoming a place in school. As a teacher you can ask yourself what the added value of this technique is. Why would you use VR in the classroom? Is it worth the investment? And what can TeachVR mean for teachers? In this blog we will tell you everything about it.

Added value of virtual reality teaching

Impressive experiences

Virtual reality can be applied well at school as a form of experiential teaching. Pupils often respond very enthusiastically and with astonishment at their first VR experience.

As a teacher you therefore hardly have to put any effort into the enthusiasm and the attention of your students, because using VR in the classroom is almost automatic. A lifelike, almost tangible experience, such as a walk through a refugee camp, provides an impressive lesson, the material of which lingers.

Travel to the unknown

In addition, VR makes it possible to travel with the entire class to places that would otherwise be unreachable. Consider for example a tour of the International Space Station, a dive to the coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef or a trip along the Great Wall of China.

Of course you can show images or videos of this as a teacher, but that is not comparable to the experience that VR can offer. In addition, not only unreachable places, but also unreachable times become accessible with VR. Together with the teacher, students step into a time machine to be surrounded by dinosaurs or to look around Ancient Egypt.

Spatial awareness

VR can also be a good way to provide insight into 3D processes and objects. For many students, the translation of 2D pictures and films into three-dimensional reality is a stumbling block in which the use of VR in the classroom can help.

For example, students gain insight into the anatomy of the human body, the structure of cells and molecules, mathematical figures or the construction of a car. Difficult terms and complicated curriculum materials can be clarified in a fun way with virtual reality.

21st century skills

Finally, VR teaching can be used to teach students how to use a new technique that is likely to play an increasingly important role in daily life. With TeachVR, students can create their own VR experiences.

Benefits of TeachVR

If you look for VR material online, you will discover that quite some material is now available. Unfortunately, this is often not suitable for use education. It is largely intended for entertainment rather than teaching, it is often in English and the connection with the curriculum is often lacking.

To prevent teachers from having to make their way through this jungle of VR material, the online platform of TeachVR provides an overview of VR lessons that are suitable for primary education, secondary education and Higher education.

All lessons at TeachVR are offered in the language you specify. With the search function you can easily search by subject and grade, and find the VR lesson that you are looking for.

Another major advantage of TeachVR is that you, as a teacher, have control off the content. Existing VR apps usually offer fixed content that you cannot change. With the TeachVR platform teachers can adapt existing lessons to their own preferences, compile lessons from existing material or create their own lessons.

Moreover, the TeachVR platform offers all kinds of useful functions for teaching. In this way you as a teacher can centrally control the lesson and determine what the students see on their VR headsets. Teachers can use this to steer the class in the right direction, for example by pointing out certain things in the VR world.

This is in contrast to individual VR apps where students are individually busy with their VR experience and it is more difficult to do something with this in class. In addition, TeachVR has put together the education kit especially for the use of virtual reality in education.

The education kit consists of VR headset and a 360-degree camera, packed in a safe storage case with charging point and information so that you have everything to get started in the classroom with VR.

Do you still have doubts about the added value of virtual reality teaching? Feel free to contact us.