The Experience Kit

Quick and easy VR  education tools for the classroom

In the Experience kit

Start immediately with the lesson. In the experience kit you will find everything you need to get started.

Cardboard viewer

Experience Virtual Reality with your Smartphone. The most accessible way to experience VR.


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360° Camera

Make quickly and easy your own 360 photos with the Richo Theta 360 camera.


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Oculus GO

The Oculus Go, a standalone VR Headset. Easy, comfortable and ideal for in the classroom.


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Pick-up and play

Get started without your smartphone. Start directly with the Oculus GO.

All in Ones stored

Storage and protection

Store the glasses safely in the supplied kit. This is how you start the next time without problems.

Kit Backside

Easy to carry

You can take the kit with you effortlessly. Everything stays neatly in place and arrives safely for the next VR lesson.




TeachVR lecturers Community

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