TeachVR is the solution for VR education and teaching

How does TeachVR work?

TeachVR has everything to use simple yet effective Virtual Reality.

Within an hour you have your first VR lesson for the whole class!


Followed by the curriculum and findable on subject, year and learning goal.


Create your own 360 VR lesson. Upload your own or choose out of thousand other lessons.


Share your VR lesson with school and others. Create an infinite virtual library together.


Present your lesson simultaneously to the whole class with our mobile application and education tools.


Find a VR lesson

The online platform contains hundreds ready-to-use Virtual Reality lessons with which you can start immediately.


Made by education professionals en lecturers. In line with the English curriculum and the learning objectives.


With the search function you can easily find the next VR lessons. Filter on class, speciality or education and start within a few minutes.

De wetgevende macht in Nederland
De wetgevende macht in Nederland
De wetgevende macht in Nederland
Lesson Creation

Make a VR lesson

Make your own VR lesson within an hour.

Choose a subject, make slides and place bullet points with information.

Use one of the thousands 360 photos from all over the world or upload your own.


Share a VR lesson

Share the lesson with your school or make it available for the entire Teach VR community.


This way we ensure together that something new can be found constantly. Inspire and learn with Teach VR community.

Laptop: Lessons
Cardboard and Tablet

Present a VR lesson

Present your VR lesson to the class with the handy Virtual Reality app. Students will get a unique PIN code for the app and can watch directly. You keep full control over the lesson. While lecturing, the students can look 360 degrees around them.

What are the costs for TeachVR?

Subscription to TeachVR is per school per year.

The pricing is based on the average total number of students in the school, and is excluding hardware.

The minimum subscription fees per school type are as follows:

Primary school

1250 USD / year

Secondary school

2800 USD / year

Tertiary school

5500 USD / year


On request

Do you want more information or want to get started? We would love to hear from you!